Sun Beam Diamond Necklace
This elegant necklace displays 317 round diamonds of varying sizes in a pattern that ..
Three Stone Princess Pendant
This everyday necklace features three princess cut diamonds, each suspended diagonally from a d..
Triangle Diamond Pendant
This contemporary and distinctive pendant features a yellow gold triangle with bead-set white brilli..
Triple Diamond Pendant
This striking pendant features an array of vertically stacked graduating round brilliant diamonds.&n..
Triple Drop Sapphire Necklace
This stunning necklace displays five pear shaped sapphires, each surrounded by a halo of diamon..
Triple Tiered Diamond Necklace
This striking necklace holds three tiers of round diamonds that wrap completely around the neck. Sle..
Two-tone Antique Style Pendant
This diamond pendant features a center diamond with yellow gold spokes leading out to a white diamon..
White Gold Disc Pendant
This white gold disc is the perfect Sweet Sixteen or graduation gift. Suitable for any age, this pen..
Diamonds by the Yard Necklace - White Gold
This Diamond by the Yard necklace boasts over 4CT of round diamonds interspersed tightly a..
Diamonds by the Yard Necklace - White Gold
This everyday necklace features 23 round diamonds interspersed along a delicate white gold chain. Ea..
Eye of Providence Pendant
This unique Eye of Providence pendant is a striking display of diamonds and colored stones set in ro..
Eye of Providence Pendant with Turquoise
This “Eye of Providence” is an ancient symbol of protection used throughout the Middle Eas..
Mixed Stones Pendant
This unique pendant contains 8 yellow diamonds of mixed shapes in a halo of white diamonds. Add some..
Open Oval Pendant
This oval diamond pendant is open in the center giving it a lighter more defined look. The oval is m..
Antique Style Halo Pendant
This antique style pendant features a bezel-set center round diamond surrounded by a cushion sh..
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