What's Trending In Diamonds?

What's Trending In Diamonds?

The annual jewelry trade that took place in Las Vegas in mid-June was one of the three largest in the world, and it certainly felt like it – the excitement there was palpable! Tens of thousands of exhibitors and buyers from across the globe converged on Las Vegas to display and view billions of dollars’ worth of gems and fine jewelry.

Once there, vendors showed off their latest designs in hopes of moving merchandise and developing new accounts. Buyers, like me, spent the show searching for new trends, visiting trusted suppliers, and establishing new relationships. Like at Zoland, there was something for every taste and budget on display. Meticulously combing through tens of thousands of pieces with a practiced eye (developed by attending these shows for more than 35 years), I selected pieces and stones with the style, value, and quality that I hope will appeal to you.

Colored diamonds are one type of stone that was heavily on display at the trade. Most notably featured were more common browns, rarer yellow diamonds, and even rarer pink diamonds. Other precious gems, like sapphires, were also present in nearly every color imaginable.

More affordable, funkier jewelry featuring diamond slices and diamond beads were also featured, along with a vast array of semi-precious stones – so many I can’t begin to name them all – which came together cohesively in new and exciting ways!

As I mentioned before, there truly was much to see! I left Vegas both exhausted and exhilarated. Come visit us at Zolands today to check out the new additions to our collection find that next special piece which you will cherish!

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