Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New

Friends and clients frequently tell me that they have old, unworn jewelry. Perhaps you too have family heirlooms reflecting bygone styles, or gifts appreciated for their sentiment, but not for their design. These pieces might not fit your lifestyle anymore, but that doesn’t mean they need to remain tucked away, undervalued, and unseen. 

So, what are your options?

  1. Take the money and run. Cash out and sell for scrap value. Buy something you want, pay off some bills, or invest it.

  2. Trade it in and exchange for something new. Use its value to purchase another piece of jewelry that you will cherish.

  3. Use the components of an existing piece - perhaps a diamond that you’ve always admired for its beauty or sentimental value - and re-envision it in a more contemporary design that suits your taste and lifestyle. 

Old jewelry can be extremely valuable. For many years, the price of gold was tied to the Gold Standard, which kept the price of gold low. As a result, if you have jewelry that predates about 1980, there’s a good chance it weighs more than contemporary pieces and is worth more than ever before.

Recently, a friend of mine came in with bags full of her mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry, items she inherited, but had been sitting in drawers, unworn and unvisited. Instead of using these pieces in a reimagined way, she traded in thousands of dollars of old gold (it adds up!) and together we came up with a stunning and impressive pair of diamond hoop earrings. Now, she dons her spectacular new earrings, always reminding her of her mom and grandma.  

The third option is the one I most enjoy. Maybe an old ring will lead a new life as a pendant, or perhaps diamonds from a dated brooch will be used to create fun stacking rings. With incredible design ideas all over the internet and social media, finding inspiration to repurpose a piece has never been easier. You are a partner in our process. We’ll help you understand the components and guide you in figuring out how to use them. We often use computer-aided design (CAD), so no matter where you are, we can share precise design concepts with you as we create your new piece. This detailed customization will deliver a unique piece of jewelry that you’ll love without burdensome production costs.   

While reimagining old jewelry styles for contemporary use is trending now, it’s nothing new for us! We’ve been doing so for decades, and it’s never been easier. You may find that your old jewelry can be turned into something even grander. Whether you want to create new, custom jewelry or you simply want to trade in old for new, these are cost-effective ways of creating future heirlooms.  

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